One of the first considerations that we take into account when we start in the aquarium hobby, is that there are at least two basic types of aquariums, marine and "Freshwater" aquariums.

Many species of aquarium fish come from bodies of water whose proximity to the sea allows seawater to mix to some extent with continental water, resulting in water with intermediate salinity commonly known as brackish water, to which several species of fish are adapted, as is the case of archer fish, guppies, pangasius, among others.

San-Halite is a high purity salt that is contained by the evaporation of seawater and whose sodium chloride content is 99.96% on average, which means that it is the purest salt that can be economically available to increase the salinity of the water in aquariums, therefore it does not cloud the water.

San-Halita is recommended as a therapeutic against some benign parasitic diseases caused by opportunistic protozoa, such as trichodiniasis, epistiliassi, among others. The treatment is based on the fact that many of these microorganisms have little tolerance to low or moderate concentrations of salt. It is recommended to use 1 to 5 grams of San-Halita per liter of water to combat this type of disease. It can also be used as a toning treatment for some species of fish, such as the Japanese in its different varieties, after long transfers in which the fish usually arrive exhausted or depressed due to stress.

San-Halita should be used with caution since not all fish species tolerate salt dissolved in the water, as is the case of the Corydoras and Brochis genera, to mention some of the most common.


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