Filtration in the aquarium is essential for maintaining in good condition the quality of the water for the fish and can be of different types:

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Biological

The filter elements are those materials with which the different types of filters are loaded, such as a box, backpack, waterfall, or canister (basket) filters. These perform specific functions of particle retention (mechanical filtration), retention of undesirable dissolved substances(chemical filtration) or present inert surfaces capable of allowing bacterial colonization so that these microorganisms degrade, oxidize or reduce toxic substances and organic remains into simpler compounds that are easier to eliminate (biological filtration).

Activated carbon is one of the most used elements in the chemical filtration of the aquarium. It keeps the aquarium water clear as it removes the organic substances that impart its color to the water, as well as suppressing unpleasant smells. Additionally, it collects medicines in solution such as Methylene Blue and other antibiotic dyes from the water.

Acti-Biom is a highly absorbent material specifically for keeping water free of toxic substances derived from the decomposition of uneaten food and waste from fish and other organisms.


Water Conditioners

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  • Acti-Biom

    Filtration in the aquarium is essential to maintaining the quality of the water in good condition for the…

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  • San-Halita

    San-Halita is a high purity salt for use in aquariums.

  • Clorkill

    Clorkill is a conditioner specially designed to remove chloramines and halogens...

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