Keeping turtles in captivity as pets implies facing some health problems, which, although they are not difficult to solve, one must be aware of them to avoid frustration and headaches. It is well known that turtles, as well as other reptiles as well as many wild animals, are potential carriers of diseases that affect humans. In this sense, turtles have been identified as carriers of bacteria of the Salmonella genus, responsible for causing mild gastrointestinal disorders up to typhoid fever.



Calcium tablet that has different characteristics that, on the one hand, limit the development of pathogenic bacteria and, on the other hand, help to preserve water quality, as well as containing essential vitamins to maintain the health of your pet.

Considering that children and young people are the ones with the greatest inclination towards this type of animal, at Biomaa we have developed the Quelonical calcium tablet having different characteristics.

It is because of these characteristics that Quelonical is a unique formulation of its kind because it has a better and broader performance than other commercial brands.

Its main functions are:

  • Stabilize the pH of the water
  • Reduce the stress of the turtles
  • It is a palliative against eye diseases
  • It controls the population of pathogenic bacteria


Place a tablet of Quelonical in the water in an aquarium or aquaterrarium with 10 gallon capacity. The tablet will gradually dissolve, releasing its active ingredients. The duration of the protective effect of the tablet varies depending on the quality of the water, the temperature and the turbulence, but an average durability of 4 weeks can be generally assumed. At the end of this period, even in cases in which it has not completely dissolved, it will have to be replaced, since the active principles of the product will have been exhausted.

Finally, with the intent purpose of informing and eradicate myths and false assumptions, we want to tell you that: it is false to affirm that the calcium contained in this tablet and all similar commercial presentations works as an adjuvant or preventive against skeletal diseases related to the deficiency of this element. The necessary calcium for the growth and development of the bones must naturally enter the organism through the foods that contain it or, when trying to correct the bone anomalies that frequently occur in these animals due to inappropriate diets (dried shrimp), it will have to be administered in pharmaceutical preparations orally or parenterally by qualified professionals, such as a veterinarian.


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