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For Biomaa there are 3 immovable pillars essential to the character of the company:


Quality control at Biomaa is not limited to the final physical inspections that guarantee the net content indicated on the product label, or the verification of the concentration of  product ingredients, as most people assume.

It is very important, from any point of view, to make sure the product that has been produced is safe for the purposes for which it has been designed; that is, they should only contain, at most, an insignificant amount of chemical elements or intermediate or polluting compounds in order to declare it safe for use.

For this, certain laboratory equipment is required allowing for the instrumental analysis required for each particular product to be carried out.

Biomaa's Quality Control Management has works with the Purchasing department so that the acquisition of raw materials and packaging complies with the following minimum regulations:


Quality Control Parameters


Food and medicine packaging
must be certified for food use
or certified for pharmaceutical use.
The chemicals used in the
manufacture of conditioners and
ornamental fish medications
must comply with the rules of
United States Pharmacopeia (USP),
British National Formulary (BNF),
the European Pharmacopoeia, or approved by the Pharmacopoeia of the United States of Mexico.

For those exceptional products that
are not included in
American, British, European or Mexican
Pharmacopoeias, they must be
at least analytical grade (AR or AG).

In the case of substances used
for the preparation of trace element
solutions, the minimum degree of purity
required is RA, always preferring
UP, Ultrex© or HPLC reagents.
Most of the general analytical methodology
in the quality control laboratory
is based on the recommendations,
procedures and regulations of the Pharmacopeia
of the United Mexican States, of the ASTM
(American Society for Testing and Materials),
EPA (U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency),
among other methods, as well as our
own developed methodology.




Our Quality and Safety policy is one of our pillars on which we place the trust of our consumers in all our products.



One of the most complicated activities, and therefore difficult to carry out correctly in manufacturing focused companies, is customer service. In this regard, we have implemented specific actions, properly coordinating all our supply chain processes so we can respond faster and better to the product demands of our customers and distributors.

Additionally, for some time now, we have permanent open communication channels for inquiries on the properties, characteristics, and use of our products with the entire commercial pyramid, from distributors to end users, as well as other technical aspects related to aquariums and pets.

On the other hand, at Biomaa, we are committed in aspects of conservation of natural resources, especially fauna and flora, as well as in the dissemination of information that leads to creating ecological awareness among the population in order to avoid or at least reduce the accelerated deterioration of our natural environment. We urge everyone not to contribute to the illegal trafficking of species among other sustainable actions. We do this by with a firm conviction and not as a banner for commercial purposes, 



The zealous pursuit of these ethical and philosophical principles has allowed us to reach where we are today, without this meaning in any way that we have accomplished our goal. Today, Biomaa continues to acquire high-tech machinery, which leads us to implement new work systems to optimize processes and meet the quality demands of our customers, we are also implementing the ISO 22000 Quality Management System in all processes while complying with the highest quality and service standards, both Domestic and International, for the benefit of our customers.





From the beginning, Biomaa has stood out for the manufacture of conditioners and medicines for ornamental fish by designing and producing high-performance formulations exclusively, effectively substituting the need to import product. This is relevant not only in the economic aspect, which is very important, but also in terms of our quality. It is not only logical but even natural that Biomaa, having started as a producer of conditioners and medicines for aquariums, has now positioned itself as a leader in the manufacture of these type of products due to its quality and variety, as well as production capacity.

The installed capacity we have allows us to mass manufacture
many products that are currently leaders
in the mexican market, with quality standards
that our competition will hardly achieve in the short term.

Biomaa currently produces and markets a wide variety
of items for aquariums and pets,
including grooming for pets,
food for ornamental fish and many more, which
you can see by browsing through our various online platforms.

Product Design

Biomaa is a brand of products for aquariums and pets in constant development,
with a human team and the necessary laboratory tools to carry out
our own research and testing resulting in the creation
of new and better products for the market.

Lab tests

Laboratory tests are an essential stage during the design and development of new products.
It is at this stage where the main product control parameters are established for its application in the production line and, obviously, for quality control procedures.


Biological tests

On the other hand, biological tests are carried out with the different laboratory animals in which the product is applied by the processes established by the NOM in order to determine its toxicity and "live" performance..


All these aspects constitute a comprehensive and coordinated process that rigorously follows the supply chain from its entry into the facilities to its delivery as a finished product to guarantee that the best product reaches, and effectively serves your pet.

We seek the well-being of your pets through products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Only the Best
for your Pets

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