One of the measures that governments, through public health authorities, implement to prevent the spread of gastrointestinal diseases is the chlorination of water in order to destroy pathogenic germs in water intended for human consumption. Chlorine compounds are the most used for water purification, this is mainly due to their low cost, in addition to the fact that very small amounts of these disinfectants are required for large volumes of water.

Although the municipal network water should contain small amounts of chlorine (4 parts per million according to the CDC), this is very toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms, since it can cause severe chemical burns in skin and gills causing death. Therefore, it is necessary to remove chlorine, as well as other active halogens, such as fluorine and iodine.

Clorkill is a conditioner specially designed to remove these substances. It has such a concentration that each dropper with 28 ml (1 floz) is enough for more than 317 gallons of water, since it’s used in doses of one drop for every two quarts of water, which results in an excellent cost ratio benefit to the consumer.



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