Biomaa FAM, is specially designed to treat diseases caused by Parasitic protozoa in marine and freshwater fish. It works against: ICH, Trichodiniasis, Epistiliasis, Costia and Oodiniasis; in marine fish, Cryptokariasis, Uronema, Brooklyneliasis, Oodiniasis, among others.

This drug formulation based on Malachite Green, Methylene Blue and Formaldehyde is unique in its kind and offers the same antiparasitic spectrum advantages and therapeutic performance as traditional formulations made exclusively with Malachite Green, with the enormous advantage of its low toxicity.

FAM is recommended for treating parasitic diseases caused by ectoparasitic protozoa in delicate fish, such as small species of characids, which are not very tolerant to medicines based on Copper or Malachite Green.



  • FAM

    Antiparasitic Medication...

  • Green-Bac

    Antiparasitic (Anti ICH)...

  • Cubrix

    Partially chelated copper...

  • All-Blue

    Preventive methylene blue...

  • Acrivelt

    Medicine against fungi and bacteria...

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