Cubrix is an effective medicine against diseases caused by parasitic fungi, such as flukes, ICH, Oodinium, among others.

Cubrix can harm invertebrates, so it is advisable to remove these from the aquarium before applying it. Cubrix is a stabilized and partially chelated solution of 1.4% soluble copper salts, with small amounts of added formaldehyde. Cubrix differs from traditional Copper Sulfate solutions, which present self- reduction in more or less short periods, since the chelating agents it contains give it great stability both for the application of this medicine in aquariums, even in hard water; on the other hand, prolonging the useful life of the product in warehouse. Product stability is guaranteed for a minimum term of 2 years.

Soluble copper salts have been used as a therapy against some of the most common parasitic diseases (Dactylogyrus, Gyrodactylus, Chilodonelas and Costia) and against opportunistic fungal infections, such as those of the Saprolegnia genus.

Partially chelated copper.




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