Turtoo Baby



Balanced food for baby terrapins.

Turtoo Baby is a balanced food specially formulated to meet the requirements of turtles in their early stages of development. It contains 12% more protein of animal origin than other foods of its kind, which favors proper growth and resistance to the most common diseases. It special emphasis on the quality and quantity of the protein used as well as other essential nutrients, including calcium and vitamins A and D3.

Turtoo Baby has a suitable particle size for this stage of development, allowing turtles to ingest food without any difficulty. Its presentation in the form of 2.5 mm diameter pellets, its buoyancy characteristics, in addition to its organoleptic qualities, make it irresistible.


Turtle Food

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    Turtoo baby is a balanced food specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of baby turtles (neonates), placing…

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