Koi Pond Sticks



Koi Pond Sticks is a balanced floating food n stick form (2/3” to 4/5” long by 1/6” in diameter), which makes it easily consumed by koi carp and related species. 

Its high buoyancy of 100% and its stability for more than 12 hours in water with little turbulence, makes it a product with exceptional qualities since this food is fully usable by fish, in addition, due to its great stability, it presents very low impact on water quality.

A minimum of 25% protein of mixed origin, low in fat (4%) and with the right amount of fiber for this type of fish, Koi Pond Sticks turns out to be the best option for these inhabitants of the pond, in addition to keeping a relationship unbeatable cost/benefit.

Feed your fish with Koi Pond Stick one to five times a day, in sufficient quantities so the food is consumed in no more than 5 minutes. Never overfeed.


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