New Products, New Pets

Aspirations to compete for larger pets come to fruition.

In contrast to the world of aquarium hobby, the canine and feline universe represents an overwhelming

popularity among pet lovers, a market that took us time to reach and then, the opportunity was finally given.


For the new millennium the aspirations to embrace the world of larger pets materialized
with the incorporation of a line of Shampoos for Dogs initially with an offering of 4 formulas:
Shampoo Puppy, Shampoo / Conditioner, Shampoo for White Hair and Shampoo Black Hair
all in 500mL presentations.


Cats & Small Pets

Shortly after, the Hamster Shampoo was added in a 125 mL presentation,
this being a unique product.
The following year, Cat Litter was added to our product portfolio
and went on sale in a 3 kg poly bag.

We seek the well-being of your pets through products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Only the Best
for your Pets

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