Image & Evolution

Although the brand's identity has been maintained since its inception, it has undergone changes that are aligned with its evolution.

The first visual identity of the brand was embodied in a neat and sober style that stood out the logo above all,
becoming unmistakable among the other brands in the market dominated until then dominated by foreign presence
but in the last stretch of the century, it came to acquire modifications according to the growth of the company.

First Change

With the integration of products for other pets in addition to aquariums, such as: reptiles, birds and 
small pets, the original version of the brand was limited and could not accommodate its new facet of development.
So, with the help of designers, a new brand identity was proposed that would adopt the pet's distinctive
for each product line, identifying whether it is a product for aquariums or others.



New changes

Subsequently, the newly consolidated image —which continued to largely maintain that clean look—
would be accompanied by new visual elements and images related to the pets to whom
the product was targeted to.





Entrance to the Decade

Already into the new millennium and with a view to an international presence, the brand was renewed once again
reconfiguring the image with the greatest emphasis on the product name and retaining the gallery of 
images related to the corresponding pets.

We seek the well-being of your pets through products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Only the Best
for your Pets

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