More than Aquariums

During its first years, the Biomaa brand builds the substantial base that would position it in the domestic market. From this positioning in the aquarium environment, other pets followed.



In June 1994, Pentabiocare was launched in the market, being the first conditioner for aquariums
of domestic production in the marketplace
, achieving an enormous precedent in terms of technology
for aquariums and placing us at the level of the large multinational companies of aquarium tradition.

Later that same year Cubrix and Permaseptic were incorporated,
and in the following years, products of great importance such as
Green-Bac and Acrivelt, Acti-Biom (charcoal) and our 20 gr Basic Flakes,
thus reaching a complete offer in the care of aquariums for the first semester of the company's existence.




Birds, Turtles and More

As part of the development of the brand, Biomaa decides to explore the possibility of covering more options
in the wide spectrum of the world of pets and begins this new journey with products for turtles
such as Quelonical (calcium for turtles) and Nutraquel.
Likewise, it ventured into the segment of rodents, with Hámster Balance,
and of birds with Honeybri nectar.


We seek the well-being of your pets through products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Only the Best
for your Pets

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